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A rotation of artworks done by different classes at Georgetown College. For more information visit us at georgetowncollege.edu/galleries
Sunrise12x12 is a year long exhibition of paintings, one each month at the Sunrise, an old-world artisan bakery on Main St.
In this exhibition, you will view exquisitely painted canvases that explore how architecture can reflect society both culturally and socially. The Edifice in Front of Us: Explorations in Architecture and Identity brings together two nationally recognized artists, Morgan Craig and Colin Doherty, who uses architecture as a metaphor. Philadelphia artist and Pollock Krasner Foundation grant recipient, Morgan Craig creates large-scale paintings that depict abandoned ruins of factories and dilapidated urban dwellings as repositories for societal memories. Formerly from Los Angeles and now residing in Lexington, artist Colin Doherty paints architectural landscapes that convey a deep sense of yearning within a vast open horizon. Both artists create melancholy works that question our identity as well as our collective obligation to the architecture that we produce for both current and future generations.
The International Museum of the Horse, on the grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park, is featuring Equine Treasures of the Bluegrass from April 16, 2014 through November 9, 2014. For further information: (859) 259-4232 or www.imh.org
The American Saddlebred Museum, located on the grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park, is featuring an exhibit titled Oak Hill Farm - A Jewel of the Bluegrass from February 14, 2014 through January 31, 2015. For information: (859)259-2746 or www.asbmuseum.org
Lexington's Wellington Elementary School and the International Museum of the Horse celebrate the Year of the Horse with "Shodo: The Art of Japanese Brush Painting," featuring calligraphy created by the school's third, fourth, and fifth grade students. Students used black Japanese ink (sumi) and bamboo brushes (fude) to paint the character for the word "horse" (uma) and their names on rice paper. Calligraphy is considered high art in the Far East, and there is a specific stroke order and ink weight for each character. Until its adoption of the Gregorian calendar in 1912, China used the lunar calendar. The Chinese calendar works in a cyclical pattern in which each cycle is 12 years long and begins on the second new moon after the winter solstice. Within this calendar, each year is represented by an animal whose characteristics symbolize the mood of the year and those born within it. Those born in 2014 - and every 12 years prior, each Year of the Horse - are considered to be adventurous, carefree and fun with a sense of humor. Culturally, the celebration of the Lunar New Year is still very popular in China and Japan as well as Vietnam, Korea, and Taiwan. The students' art will be on display at the International Museum of the Horse until April 18.
National Haiku Poetry Day is in April! Celebrate this popular form of Japanese poetry by stopping by the Library to explore and write your own haiku. Haiku instruction prompts will be available at our Poetry Lab station at the Main Library from April 17-30. Selected haikus will be displayed on the first floor.
The Gallery at First Presbyterian Church hosts the artwork of local artist Cliff Sullivan through May.
Art Ball, "Luminosity" Preview, 8 p.m.-midnight Jan. 25. "Luminosity" Public Unveiling, 6-9 p.m. Feb. 21. "Luminosity" Opening Reception, 6-9 p.m. Feb. 28. Luminosity brings to light the impact that art can have on a city. An exhibition of local, national, and international artists who engage in the theme of illumination, Luminosity connects artists and community members through collaborative efforts that educate, inspire, and electrify. Luminosity includes a gallery exhibition at LAL's Loudoun House as well as installations in outdoor public spaces, which create symbolic community connections or "paths of light" from the historically challenged Castlewood Neighborhood to vibrant downtown Lexington. The site specific sculpture, installation, photography and media of Luminosity will support active engagement opportunities and collaborative community partnerships through its construction, installation and ability to educate and inspire both children and adults. For example, the fabrication and installation for Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett's mobile installation Cloud, an interactive sculpture made of re-purposed light bulbs, is being done in partnership with Bluegrass Community and Technical College's Welding Technology program and University of Kentucky's School of Art. LAL is also partnering with local high school Green Living Councils to facilitate a community bulb drive to collect the repurposed materials from local residents, businesses and non-profit organizations. To provide additional context and deeper engagement opportunities, the exhibition will include family tours, teacher resources, children and teen art-making classes, and Artist Conversations.
"Stitching Art: Designs from the Lexington Fashion Collaborative" will be on view from March 8-August 17, 2014. The exhibit will feature the fashion designs and fashion photographs from over 25 local designers and photographers. Over the course of the exhibit there will be multiple opportunities to learn more about fashion and look behind-the-scenes of the local industry. Visit www.headley-whitney.org for details.
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